Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be

You create beauty with your attitude, your behavior, your actions.


Our main services are we apply and sell hair extensions, wigs and hair products to the to retail customers and as well as professional or hair stylist Wholesale clients.

We only identify our brand as organic and authentical. We have created powerful and integrative products/services Wherebye every product material used in making of our products is degenerable and safe for human, animals and same time environment friendly.
In the recent years we have eliminated up to 90% plastic and harmful materials on used in our products . Together with our partners we still working on these emissions to be at 0%.

We have identified ourself with GreenMobility environmental friendly safe projects. Organically tested materials only for our products.
We are all travellers in every adventures space we are there’s nothing permanent . It’s  about sharing through different space and time. With our brand we share Love!

We believe in great products, great service and transparency and giving Back to the society

Valash Copenhagen